The Growcery Places Of Interest


Visit the Growcery camp and plan your full day tour through the Richtersveld to visit the old mining town of Alexander Bay. Visit this season.

Alexander Bay

The Diamond Coast Route has lured geologists, adventurers, and fortune seekers for over a century. Visit The Diamond Coast this season.

Diamond Coast

You are welcome to make a day trip from The Growcery Camp to Eksteensfontein. It is a mere 43 km drive in the heart of the Richtersveld. Visit this Season


We can recommend a self-drive or guided day trip to the Fish River Canyon when visiting the Growcery Camp. Some of the best views in Namibia. Visit Namibia.

Fish River Canyon

Visit the Goegap Nature Reserve near Springbok while on your way to The Growcery Camp. Excellent hiking and mountain biking trails on offer.

Goegap Nature Reserve

Visit Hondeklipbaai in Namaqualand after leaving The Growcery Camp. This is a small fishing community with some of the best sunsets along the west coast.


Kamieskroon is a mere 67km from Springbok and along the N7 Cape to Namibia Route. You will pass Kamieskroon on your way to The Growcery Camp.Visit Now.


Visit The Kgalagadi National Park on route to the Growcery Camp. One of the Best Game Parks in Southern Africa. Experience the Kgalagadi this season.

Kgalagadi National Park

Visit the Namaqua National Park on route to the Growcery Camp This season. You will experience some of the most pristine beaches in South Africa.

Namaqua National Park

Visit the wild flowers of Namaqualand this coming spring. Take the slow road north to the Richtersveld and stay at The Growcery Camp.


Visit Namaqualand and the Richtersveld and enjoy the West Coast town of Port Nolloth. Traditional fishing and mining town of the Northern Cape.

Port Nolloth

Visit the Richtersveld National Park this season and discover the diverse eco-system of the Mountain Desert. Vist this season.

Richtersveld National Park

You are welcome to visit the wildflowers of Skilpad Nature Reserve while on your way to The Growcery Camp. Experience the Northern Cape.

Skilpad Nature Reserve

Visit the Town of Springbok when travelling north along the N7 Through Namaqualand. Pass springbok on your way to The Growcery Camp.


Vioolsdrift or Vioolsdrift border post is only a mere 22 km from The Growcery Camp on the banks of the Orange River. The start of the Richtersveld.


Visit the West Coast of Namaqualand on route to The Growcery Camp. Experience the untouched wilderness of the Northern Cape This Season.

West coast