Eksteensfontein lies in a broad plain stretching to distant mountains and Halfmens trees. Like Kuboes, it belongs to the hot, dry semi-desert region of the Richtersveld, home to endemic succulents and desert wildlife. The Richtersveld National Park and the banks of the Orange River are within a two-hour drive.

With a few days notice, the women of Eksteensfontein, or! Obes, as they refer to in Nama, will bake delicious fresh bread. The local ladies love to cook a tasty traditional meal for you. Locally produced riempie chairs which make great souvenirs and gifts are available for purchase. T-shirts are printed with a Halfmens, bokkie (small buck), or other memorabilia at the textile printing centre.

Eksteensfontein and Rooiberg.

Eksteensfontein and Rooiberg offer you a real wilderness experience. There are walks and guided hikes taking you through rugged mountains and past lichen and lizards stretching out in the sun. 4×4 Tracks meander across empty plains to the Orange River and mountains of the Richtersveld National Park.

Eksteensfontein is the gateway to the World Heritage Site, a vast wilderness adjoining the Richtersveld National Park. This small town is 50 km from Lekkersing and 80 km from Kuboes, and a 4×4 trail connects Eksteenfontein with Vioolsdrift, where you can cross the border into Namibia. The Gravel road to Eksteensfontein is perfect for a sedan vehicle.

This is a significantly recommended self-drive or guided day trip from The Growcery Camp. Eksteensfontein is 43km from our camp. It is also a favourite mountain bike trail. There are some indigenous plants on your way. The road towards Eksteensfonetein has many native quiver trees. The quartz deposits are home to indigenous succulents. You will see the remains of goat kraals along the way.

We do recommend this as a tremendous Full day trip for adventure travellers. Experience the culture and meet the people of the Richtersveld.

What sets Eksteensfontein Apart? 

  • Small Traditional Nama Community.
  • Freshly Baked Bread.
  • Scenic mountain views.
  • The great route through Hell's kloof from The Growcery Camp.
  • Indigenous plants and succulents.
  • Scenic Drive.