About Us

The Growcery is not about us, but the people that visit us. The camp was a thought in the making since 1999. The founder of the camp has been exploring the Richtersveld and southern Africa for over 30  years.  The main reason for starting the Growcery camp is all thanks to ‘Mary’ the Baobab. Yes, a baobab in the Richtersveld! Unless claimed otherwise, this must be the most western Baobab in South Africa. After he spotted “Mary,” there was no turning back to what would unfold like a beautiful Richtersveld Destination.

Main Attraction at The Growcery Camp

The mountains' views and grass camping sites are spectacular. Explore the open-air hot showers and the beautiful surrounding mountains. Our gardens are growing bigger each year, and we offer a variety of fresh produce. Our birding population has grown to 117 sightings at camp. The birds flourish in our well-established gardens and a wide variety of indigenous trees. In general, the Growcery offers a relaxed and natural atmosphere.

Our team consists of permanent staff, volunteers, and freelance river & safari guides. Together we undertook the task of building a camp in the Richtersveld desert. At times, we wondered what we were doing, and at times, we thought it would not be possible to complete this daunting task. But, somehow, we managed to keep the spirits up and kept chiseling away at projects, and slowly but surely, we are reaching our goals.

Location and interest.

Our interest in the Richtersveld, Kalahari, West Coast, Namaqualand, and Namibia built our Orange River Camp. ‘The Growcery‘is a logical choice. Our new focus is to launch some exciting new tours, safaris, and adventures from our camp to act as a base camp.

The camp is constantly developing with the help and dedication of all our staff members. There is a positive atmosphere and energy that travelers bring along when visiting! Our team invites you to come and visit us at the Growcery Camp. We have a variety of accommodation options available.

Our campsites are idyllic, surrounded by endless mountain and river views. Join us on a guided hiking trail, safari, or experience some river rafting and kayaking on the Orange River for the more adventure-driven traveler. Experience the Richtersveld desert with the guidance of our very unique, highly experienced, and well-trained team!

The Growcery camp is expanding every year in planting and creating a green atmosphere in the desert climate. We aim to grow indigenous trees, grow more edibles and live off the land as much as possible.

Growing Trees

Our Latest project is growing Moringa, Baobab, and Quiver trees at camp.

We look forward to hosting you at the Growcery Camp.

Moringa Trees

Etosha National Park


Unfortunately, we are dog friendly but our camp is not. Our Australian cattle dogs prefer to be the center of attention, rather than to accommodate other K9 Visitors