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Meditate with Nelle in the RIchtersveld

Yoga Experience with Nelle

3 day wet and wild

3 Day Wet and Wild – Experience the Wild

Boat Rentals

Boat Rentals

Half-Day River Rafting

Full day rafting trail

Full Day River Rafting

River Rafting

6 Day Orange River Rafting

Wet and wild

2-Day Wet and Wild – Explore the Wild

Transfrontier Rafting

Transfrontier Rafting

River Rafting for Students

3-Day Orange River Rafting

Orange River Rafting

4 Day Orange River Rafting

River Rafting for Students

Orange River Rafting for Students – 3 Days

Richtersveld Safari

Richtersveld Safari

escape into the wild

1 Day Wet and Wild – Escape into the Wild

Richtersveld hiking

Richtersveld Hiking Trail

Directions to The Growcery

Directions Growcery Camp

The Growcery Camp is a mere 22km west of the Vioolsdrift and Noord Oewer Borderpost. This is the 24hour Borderpost between Namibia and South Africa. The Camp is in South Africa and on the banks of the Orange River. Overlooking the Orange River and Namibia will be your views from Camp.

Coming from Sprinbok N7

There is one road before the borderpost about 30meters before the border fate on your left. This road is signposted Kotzehoop.
You take a left turn 30 meters before the borderpost when you are coming from South Africa. Once you have turned left there is a T junction 60 meters further. Take a right and follow this road past the police station. The Police station will be on your left and the orange River on your right hand side. This is the only road alog the river. Follow this road for 22km and you will find the Directions Growcery Camp to be very easy.

We do recommend that if you defalte your tyres - you will experience a sifter drive on this raod. Forget about the GPS, Follow this road and follow the Road signs. At the point where your journey feels long, please continue a little further and you will discover the Directions Growcery Camp to be accurate.

If you are entering South Africa comming from Namibia the turnoof will be 30 meters outside the SA border on your right hand side. Follow the same instructions above and you will find the Directions Growecery Camp to be accurate. It is a scenic drive and you will go over a mountain pass with spectacular views.

The major sign is the road sign Kotzehoop. Follow this sign post and you are on the correct and only road south of the Orange River. It is a mere 22km from where you see the Kotzehoop signpost to the Directions Growcery Camp.

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