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West coast

West coast

West coast

The West Coast of South Africa is wild and untouched. This area is known for the small fishing communities. It is very much a tradition that has hardly changed over the past 20 years. We invite you to join us on a journey of discovery along this pristine coastline. South Africa boasts with a 700 km of coastline along the West Coast.

Take a slow drive out of Cape Town and make your way along the West Coast road. If you are certain the coast is on your left-hand side or west side, you are now ready to make no plans. All it takes is to keep steering north and wherever you find a turnoff towards the west, go and explore. This way you can happily get lost along this beautiful coastline. If you are really keen to explore the roads less travelled, we do recommend a four wheel drive vehicle.

You are welcome to contact our team at The Growcery Camp for some sound advice.  This way you will have the best “no plan” planned West Coast journey of  your life. The ultimate is to get the timing correct in finding the best Namaqua Flowers along the coast. The West Coast and Namaqualand isn’t only about the flowers but rather the incredible landscapes and people. It is  about the simplicity of life. And of course, the appreciation of minimalism and the odd lobster and mussel soup that lands on your plate.

The cold water versus the empty beaches, you can rather give me the cold water. The traffic versus a two spoor track road and an extraordinary English accent, bring on the two spoor track roads. Along the coast, you can visit some wine farms, rather than estates. Dining is not always in a restaurant, but rather on an open fire and within a local eatery. So we aim to explore the West Coast, the people, the culture, the nothingness and the pristine beaches. Pack in your beany as no weather report can tell the true story about what the weather will be like along the West Coast. Summer in winter and vice versa.

What sets the West Coast of Namaqualand apart? 

  • Unpopulated and Pristine Beaches
  • Wild Flowers on the Coastal sand veld
  • Excellent Surfing
  • Small local fishing Communities
  • West Coast Lobster, Crayfish, and Snoek
  • Roads less travelled
  • 4×4 Trails
  • Coastal paths
  • Shipwrecks
  • Hiking Trails
  • Safe destinations
  • Affordable Experience

We would like to invite you to join our journey along the West Coast of South Africa.


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