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Namaqualand is an arid region that stretches between the Northern Cape and Southern Namibia. The Namaqualand region covers more than 440 000 square kilometres. Little Namaqualand is in South Africa and extends to the far north of the Northern Cape. The Great Namaqualand is in the southern Karas Region of Namibia. The predominant language spoken is Afrikaans with a thick accent. The way the local people speak Afrikaans is unique to this area. The local culture is the Nama people of this region.

Namaqualand is known for the yearly wildflowers. The area lies in the Northern Cape and alongside the N7 Cape to Namib Route. Don’ just pass through Namaqualand. We recommend that you turn off and visit the hidden jewels of the Namaqua. Many

Take your time this season and explore the hidden treasures of this beautiful region in South Africa. The area has a reputation for mountain passes and granite hills. Namaqualand has a unique vegetation of succulent plants. This semi-desert region comes to life in the springtime. However, you can explore the 300 days of sunshine yearly. This Namaqualand is a great road trip destination and will take you to wide open spaces and endless mountain views. You can even get lost on a 4 x 4 trail along the West Coast of Namaqualand.

Take your time and explore the road less travelled in the Northern Cape this season. You can select from wild camping to self-catering accommodation on working farms. You can explore tented camps, hiking trails along the coast or newly built hotels. Go and explore north of Namaqualand and you will discover the Richtersveld. Here you will find the River Adventures on the Orange River and spectacular mountain views.

What sets Namaqualand Apart? 

  • Wild Flowers
  • 300 days of sunshine yearly
  • Coastal 4 x 4 Adventures
  • Nights skies
  • Unpolluted air
  • Wild camping
  • Friendly people and open roads
  • Rock formations and mountain views
  • Endemic succulents
  • River Rafting Adventures on the Orange River
  • Small local coastal fishing communities
  • Traditional Nama culture
  • The great outdoors of this area


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