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Kgalagadi National Park

Kgalagadi National Park

Kgalagadi National Park

Kgalagadi National Park or the Transfrontier Park is one of the best wildlife destinations in the Northern Cape. The Kalahari can be a destination on the route towards The Growcery Camp and Richtersveld National Park. This Kgalagadi Park is one of the first cross-border conservation initiative parks in South Africa. The vast open Kalahari spreads over Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.

The red dunes are unique to the Kgalagadi National Park.  The Kalahari is rich in minerals and metals. The red dune colour is a direct result of the Iron you find in the soil. The Iron is oxidising, and this causes the red colour of the Kalahari.

The Kgalagadi National Park is known for a large number of predators in the park. The most common predators are lions, cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas. The Abundance of bird life makes this a bird watchers paradise. Kgalagadi Park is an excellent photographic destination. The contrasts of the colours and wildlife combinations make this a unique destination.

What sets the Kgalagadi National Park Apart?

  • Semi-desert vegetation.
  • The number of predators in the Park.
  • The bird life of the Kalahari is excellent.
  • The watering holes are along the dry river beds.
  • The Red dunes of the Park is typical of the Kalahari vegetation.
  • Easy access by road.
  • Excellent campsites.
  • A selection of Accommodation is available in the Park.
  • Campsites are available inside the Park.
  • Private tented camps.
  • Photographic opportunities are plentiful inside the Park.
  • The cross-border conservation initiative.

The Main Camps of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. 

  • Twee Rivieren is the Main Camp in the south of the park.
  • Mata – Mata is the most Northwest Camp.
  • Nossob is the most Northeast Camp.

Accommodation is available outside the park. 

  • Kgalagadi Lodge

The Kgalagadi Lodge is only 5 km from the entrance gate of Twee Rivieren. Kgalagadi Lodge offers twin rooms and family room accommodation. There are camping sites with private ablutions and a swimming pool for the days when the Kalahari heat gets challenging. The lodge is famous for the best cuisine in the region. All meals are fresh and well presented. The advantage of Kgalagadi Lodge is that the owners are on site. We can recommend the Kgalagadi Lodge to campers and travellers seeking comfort during their stay.  This is our preferred accommodation outside of the park.

Plan your holiday to the Northern Cape. Visit the Kgalagadi National park on route to The Growcery Camp in the Richtersveld. Kgalagadi Park is 5 hours from the Growcery Camp.  The Park offers the perfect escape for the adventure traveller that seeks the road less travelled.

We invite you to visit the Kgalagadi on route to The Growcery Camp. The Northern Cape offers a great road trip to all adventure travellers and wildlife and nature enthusiasts. Take the slow roads and your sweet time to explore these pristine areas of the Northern Cape.

Kgalagadi National Park is a popular photographic destination.

Kgalagadi Lodge


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