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Diamond Coast

The Diamond Coast has lured geologists, adventurers, and fortune seekers for over a century. This part of the West Coast stretches from Lutsville to Alexander Bay. This Diamond Coast area is a Diamond mining area. The coast has many mining concessions. The mining operations restricted travelling in these regions for some years.

The Diamond Coast route is open for five years now. It is a great new destination for travellers that enjoy the roads less travelled.  In the past, you needed special clearance from the mines or an invitation to go through these areas. Today, you are welcome to visit along this route without any clearance checks along the way.

The Diamond Rush attracted many hopeful individuals. The Coast is part of the semi-desert vegetation of the West Coast.  A large amount of the gem quality diamonds remains buried deep under the desert sands. Today, you can still find diamond deposits on the Atlantic seabed. Divers are mining the diamonds on the seabed of the Atlantic ocean. Along this route, you will step into the past that is rich in history, heartache, and wayward romance.

The history of the Diamond Coast route is one rich with legends and uncommon heroes. Copper was transported on barges down the Orange River, way before diamonds were discovered. The copper was carried from Okiep to the south from the river mouth. Little did these pioneers know about the incredible riches directly underfoot.

In Port Nolloth and Alexander Bay, the local museums provide an excellent introduction to the history and natural wonders of this region. You can view maps and some old photos of some truly unusual specimens. This Museum will give you a brief look at the times that diamond mining was the economy of the town.

What sets the Diamond Coast Apart?

  • The experience of untouched beaches along the coast.
  • The unpopulated roads and traditional small villages.
  •  The Namaqua National Park is a hidden jewel along the Diamond Coast.
  • Access to one of the most scenic coastal roads in Southern Africa.
  • The Namaqua Wildflower season in blossom is a spectacular sight.
  • There are some four-wheel drive trails.

Diamond Coast Route Communities? 

  • Lutsville.
  • Hondeklipbay.
  • Port Nolloth.
  • Kleinsee.
  • Alexander Bay.
  • Koiingnaas.
  • Groenrivier.
  • Spoegrivier.

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