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Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon is a well-known landmark and point of interest in Namibia. It is known as one of the larger canyons in the world, especially in Africa. The canyon features a huge ravine of about 160km and is 550 meters deep and up to 27km wide. The Fish River Canyon is part of Namibia wildlife resorts and within a National park.

All travellers visiting The Growcery Camp along the banks of the Orange River are welcome to undertake a day trip to the Fish River Canyon. It is a mere 180 km or 2-hour drive from the Growcery camp. The canyon has three look out points on the top escarpment. Here you will be left breathless once you experience the magnificent views of the canyon.

The Fish River Canyon has an upper canyon where erosion was stopped by bedrock. The lower canyon finally eroded through the bedrock over time. The Fish River itself runs through dolomite. You can clearly also see how the metamorphic rock forms part of the canyon. It is certain that some plate movement has taken place. This plate movement has formed the upper canyon. The Glacial period came and deepened the canyon even further. During the separation of continents, Africa lifted significantly this affected the canyon’s formation.

There is a great information facility that explains the forming of the Canyon in depth.

What sets the Fish River Canyon Apart? 

  • One of the largest canyons in the world
  • Desert vegetation and endless mountain views
  • Great Road Trip as a day trip from The Growcery Camp
  • We offer guided tours to the Canyon from The Growcery Camp
  • Quiver tree forests on the way
  • Endangered Cape Mountain Zebra’s in the Park
  • Easy accessible, no 4 wheel drive needed
  • A camp site at the entrance of the Park
  • A little shop and restaurant in the making
  • The Hobas campsite has been upgraded


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