Springbok is the last town before the Namibian border. Vioolsdrift is a tiny town at the border on the south bank of the mighty Orange River. The Town receives the name after a Nama man who ferried travellers across the river. This river ferry was before the bridge. His name was Jan Viool.

Vioolsdrift is largely an agricultural community. The major crops are Lucerne, vegetables and grapes. The little town serves as a gateway into the Richtersveld. This area is home to a harsh and unpredictable climate where rugged kloofs, sweeping landscapes, and towering mountains form part of the mountain desert as it sweeps away from the Orange River.  SA National Parks manages the Richtersveld Transfrontier Park. This area provides some of the most vivid photographic scenery imaginable.

The Richtersveld are rich in succulents. The great plants are the Half-mens or Pachypodium namaquadum. The goat herders travelled at night over the mountains, and in the moonlight shadow, these cacti appeared to be human or “mens' like.  Giant Quiver trees and indigenous succulent plants are endemic to this area.

Vioolsdrift is a popular stopover for travellers along the N7 Cape to Namibia route. The orange river offers lush greenery along the desert mountain facade of Vioolsdrift. It has become a trendy river rafting adventure destination. One of the safest rivers to partake in a river rafting adventure. These rafting trips start and end within proximity of Vioolsdrift.

Vioolsdrift and nearby point of Interests

  • 22km The Growcery Camp
  • 22 km Umkulu River Rafting
  • 26 km Nababeep Conservancy
  • 67km Steinkopf
  • 140km Springbok
  • 140km Grunau – Namibia
  • 100 Km Ais/Ais Hotsprings – Namibia
  • 180km Fish River Canyon
  • 160 km Port Nolloth
  • 180 Km Sendelingsdrift via Namibia

There is no Fuel station in Vioolsdrift. The nearest filling station is in Namibia at Noordoewer. The last filling station is at Steinkopf, a mere 67km from The Growcery Camp.