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Richtersveld National Park

Richtersveld National Park
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Richtersveld National Park

The Richtersveld National Park is the only mountain desert conservation region in South Africa. It lies in the far North-Western corner of the Northern Cape. It is a very rugged and diverse biosphere with 4×4 track roads and wild camping sites. The Park has joined the cross-border conservation initiative of the Transfrontier Conservation Policies. This is a joint conservation venture between Namibia and South Africa.  These two countries are quite efficient towards conservation. The Richtersveld National Park is known as the Ais/Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park. The Richtersveld is one of the most diverse mega eco-systems in the world, namely the Succulent Karoo. The richness of plants is as much as 360 species per square kilometre and this is with an average rainfall of 68mm per year. The Richtersveld National Park is known for the Pachypodium namaquanum or “Half mens plant”.

We do recommend that you research the park information and plan your visit to the park well prepared. The rough and rugged area offers 4×4 rocky track roads. It is recommended to have a 4×4 vehicle that is prepared for the rugged terrain. We also recommend that you stipulate and plan your routes well. It is essential to have enough food and water for entering this remote area. As a safety precaution, it is recommended to first-time travellers to undertake a guided tour. But if you would prefer this journey by yourself, we would recommend that you at least have a satellite phone as back up on your Richtersveld Adventure.

Richtersveld National Park Accommodation and Campsites. 

Sendelingsdrif Rest Camp

  • 10 Chalets are available
  • 4 units that sleep, 4 people
  • 6 units that sleep, 2 people
  • These are self-catering chalets
  • All chalets have air-conditioning, fridge and two-plate electric stoves
  • All units have showers, front porches with views of the Orange River
  • There is a swimming pool in the camp

Potjiespram Rest Camp 

  • New ablutions
  • Only Cold water showers are available
  • There are 18 Campsites
  • Environmental Education Centre
  • Traditional Nama huts for groups

De Hoop Camp Site 

  • This remains one of the most popular campsites
  • Shared ablutions (cold showers)
  • 12 Campsites

Richtersburg Camp Site 

  • Shared Ablutions As for De Hoop,(cold showers)
  • 6 Campsites

Kokerboomkloof Camp Site 

  • The 8 campsites have dry toilets
  • No water is available on site and the nearest water point is at Richtersberg (32km) away
  • Toilets available
  • Access through Sendelingsdrift
  • No power
  • No shower/wash facilities
  • Very rustic

Tatasberg and Ganakouriep Wilderness Camps

Each camp consists of:

  • 4 x 2-bed self-catering units with showers.
  • 12-volt lighting system.
  • Fridges and gas stoves (hot and cold water).
  • Should problems occur with the lights, paraffin lanterns are available.
  • A caretaker resident on site.
  • The washing of utensils and making of beds will be the responsibility of the guests for the duration of their stay.

Please note that the water at Ganakoeriep, Tatasberg and Hakkiesdoring is not suitable for drinking. We recommend that guests should provide their own drinking water. 

Distances in the park

  • Sendelingsdrif – Helskloof Entry Gate – 22km (25 min)
  • Kokerboomkloof – Helskloof Gate- 78.3km
  • Helskloof Gate-Richtersberg – 68.5km
  • De Hoop – Hellskoof Gate – 53.7km
  • Richtersberg – De Hoop – 8.1km (Deep sand and sharp rocks)
  • Sendelingsdrif-Potjiespram – 9km
  • Sendelingsdrif-De Hoop – 38.2km
  • Sendelingsdrif / Richtersberg / Kokerboomkloof / Helskloof / Sendelingsdrift – 203km (9 hrs)

Richtersveld National Park Directions

Turn-off to GannakouriepS 28 18.454E 17 06.202
Turn-off to HakkiesdoringS 28 23.682E 17 10.308
Turn-off to KokerboomkloofS 28 19.768E 17 16.758
Turn-off to SendelingsdriftS 28 27.939E 16 52.273
Turn-off to StofbakkiesS 28 29.128E 16 49.687
Aloe PearsoniiS 28 19.952E 16 59.430
BasterkokerboomS 28 25.156E 16 53.052
De HoopS 28 11.021E 17 10.682
Gannakouriep Hakkiesdoring forkS 28 22.014E 17 09.987
Gannakouriep CampS 28 23.247E 17 09.586
Grasdrif ruinsS 28 20.137E 17 22.839
HakkiesdoringS 28 23.621E 17 10.148
HalfmensbomeS 28 08.335E 16 58.973
Hand of GodS 28 07.318E 17 00.579
Helskloof gateS 28 17.958E 16 57.328
Kodas PiekS 28.22738E 16.99216
Koerdegab PassS 28 16.516E 17 02.612
KokerboomS 28 20.196E 17 14.982
Kokerboomkloof camping areaS 28 18.434E 17 17.476
KuboesS 28 26.764E 16 59.522
Kubus Camp and ChaletsS 28 26.394E 16 59.678
Lekkersing turn-offS 28 27.149E 16 56.869
Penkop Pass or Akkedis PassS 28 09.832E 17 01.438
Potjiespram CampS 28 04.482E 16 57.789
Richtersberg CampS 28 15.056E 17 12.793
Richtersveld Park EntranceS 28 17.494E 16 56.382
SendelingsdriftS 28 07.514E 16 53.496
SpringbokvlakteS 28 19.845E 17 15.867