Heavy Richtersveld Rains in April 2018

Heavy Richtersveld Rains in April 2018

Heavy Richtersveld Rains in April 2018

Heavy Richtersveld Rains in April 2018

By vic | 25/05/2018 | News

It was a cloudy morning here in the Richtersveld, silently hoping for the heaven to pour down on us, to break just the worst heat. At the same time, we also prayed for the water not to pour down on us all at once! From previous experiences on rain here in the Richtersveld, we received a fair amount of water, usually in a matter of half an hour. This occurrence resulted in our road washing away and the team dropping whatever they are doing to fix the washed away road.

This time we were lucky. It rained all day, a soft trickle that blessed our gardens with just the right amount of water they needed, a road not washed away, and the most beautiful waterfalls pouring down from the mountaintops.

The river increased by approximately 3.5 m and peaked at about 500 cubic meters/s.

Heavy Richtersveld Rains

In April, we experienced a sporadic heavy downpour in the area, which is a rare occurrence for us here at the dry and rocky Richtersveld. This occurrence tells us that we will have a fantastic flower season in Namaqua National Park during August and September.

It is not common to receive such good heavy rains in the Richtersveld during April. This rugged Richtersveld mountain desert is home to a variety of succulent species. Good rains in this region will result in a phenomenal flowering season.

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