Covid19 update

Covid19 update

Covid19 update

By christine | 22/07/2020 | Announcements, Featured, News

Oct 2020 Update – Travel & Adventure

As Covid19 bought our economy to a screeching halt, the world had to improvise in order to stay afloat, and so did we! Adapting and growing with these challenges is the best and only way to look the future right in the eyes and take this new normal head-on.

Today, we are here, fighting back and looking towards a brighter future.

Travel with Confidence

Our COVID related policy will evolve as time allows, and as we monitor the health recommendations. Our commitment to keeping our travellers safe is growing, and our sense of adventure is ready to explore Africa and travelling locally even more!

We will be ready and present to support our travellers. Your safety is our priority, and we are preparing to make travel arrangements for the future. 

Book now & pay later allows us to keep your travel dreams and adventures alive.

Responsible and sustainable travelling is our drive!

Going forward means:

1. Smaller is safer and better for our future to travel. 

  • Safety in small groups with health protocols 
  • Reducing our carbon footprint 
  • Personal space on a tour 
  • Personal interest and safety and attention of our travellers is our focus. 
  • Exploring roads less travelled with small groups. 
  • Smaller groups, smaller accommodations and fewer guests. 
  • Our meals are more comfortable and safer to prepare in smaller groups.
  • We ensure that our meals and snacks are fresh, healthy and safe to eat.
  • We encourage small and private safari adventures with your close friends and family.
  • Small groups ensure private rooms, more space and safety as the top priority.  

2. Effortless Safety – Ultimate Adventures

  • The vehicles and rafting gear get a daily clean by our team. 
  • Each traveller will receive a designated seat.
  • Hand sanitiser station will be at every car when you board 
  • We are recommending that Facial coverings are in use while onboard.
  • Our team is trained in First Aid and are receiving regular COVID Protocol training to assist our travellers. 

Temporary Changes in our itineraries and operations during covid19 update.

  • New Covid19 update 3-day covid19 relief rafting trail.
  • No changes in our adventure experiences are made.
  • We are offering new and exciting routes and experiences.
  • Our team is developing new reservation systems and better payment offers.

We encourage a safe and quality experience on our Orange River Trails and Safari Adventures.

With the borders closed during the lockdown, we were urged to adapt our itineraries until the borders reopened.

Umkulu Safari & Canoe Trails and The Growcery Camp has faced many challenges and storms over the past 24 years.
We will buckle down and meet this challenge face-on.

Our focus will be to stand up and conserve our passion for nature, adventure and travel.

Thank you for your support and keep safe.
Together we can fight this.

Growcery Greenery

  • Namaqua Safari

    Join our Namaqua safari and discover the hidden treasures of the Northern Cape. Experience the roads less travelled.
  • Kalahari Photographic Safari

    Join our Kalahari Photographic Safari and visit the Malaria Free Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The Kalahari is well known as a Photographic Destination
  • Kalahari Crossing Safari

    Join our Kalahari Crossing Safari and visit the Malaria Free Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The Kalahari is well known for Excellent Photographic Safaris.