Richtersveld Safari

Richtersveld Safari

Richtersveld Safari

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Richtersveld Safari

Richtersveld Safari

Our Richtersveld safari tours are in 4 x 4 safari vehicles. The trails depart from our Growcery Camp and explore the Richtersveld and Namaqualand. We offer from day trips to 14-day trips. This rugged mountain desert provides unique and exclusive safari experiences. The Richtersveld is unusual for the semi-precious minerals and extraordinary rock formations. There is also a wide variety of indigenous succulents!

Popular Richtersveld Safari Tours. 

1-3 Hour Richtersveld Safari – Introduction to the area. 

We explore the Nababeep Conservancy and introduce you to the only mountain desert in South Africa. We provide a guided safari vehicle and include mineral water on this trail. These trips are in the mornings and afternoons, and a minimum of 4 people secures a trip. The Richtersveld is known for the volcanic mountains and indigenous succulent vegetation. The desert provides an extraordinary landscape with unique life and vegetation.

4-6 Hour Richtersveld Safari – Introduction to the area. 

This Safari is a full day excursion into the Richtersveld. We provide mineral water and a picnic style lunch. The entire day will give you an excellent introduction to some of the hidden secrets of the Richtersveld and its surroundings.

We invite you to explore this desert environment. A large number of endemic succulents are unique to this region. The Quartz deposits are home to most of these succulents. It is not uncommon to view some raptors and klipspringers in this area. We even find Kudu antelopes from time to time. The great escape to this rugged region will offer you insight into the lifestyle and the living of the Richtersveld.

Our customised safari vehicles offer a high viewpoint and access to this remote mountainous Richtersveld. Our Richtersveld safaris will explore the Nababeep Conservancy within the Richtersveld Region.

The Richtersveld is the only Mountain desert region in South Africa. We have decided to offers these Richtersveld safaris as an introduction to the area. It is the perfect short stay and day trips on offer in the region.


  • Guided 4x4 Safari Vehicle
  • Mineral water , Park Fees
  • Lunch with full day trip


  • Own snacks
  • Own extra drinks
  • Gratuities


DURATION:1-3 Hours; 4-6 Hours
DEPART FROM:The Growcery Camp


 Mineral water included1 - 3 Hours4 - 6 hours with lunch
AdultR 850R 1200
Children 15 - 17R 650R 995
Children 5 - 15R 450R 750