Richtersveld Hiking Trail

Richtersveld Hiking Trail

Richtersveld Hiking Trail

camp dogs richtersveld hiking
camp dogs richtersveld hiking
rock formations richtersveld hiking
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Richtersveld Hiking Trail

The Richtersveld Hiking Trail departs daily from The Growcery Camp. We have mapped a very interesting hiking trail from our camp. This is a guided hike and can take anything from 1-3hours, all depending on our hikers. We have two hiking trails at hand.

Our camp is sandwiched between two mountain ranges and the Orange River. The Richtersveld hiking trails take an adventurous route exploring these rugged desert mountains. Hiking these rugged mountains and being on foot will bring you closer to understanding the Richtersveld Desert.

Our Richtersveld hiking trails are all from our camp. We also offer 1-8 hour guided hiking trails. The perfect way to discover the large endemic succulent population of the Richtersveld. You can discover the indigenous Quiver trees ‘ Aloe Dichtoma” on your hiking trail as well. We recommend that you take a small day pack and wear hiking shoes. Our Richtersveld hiking trail starts with an explanation about the trail and our preparations are done at camp.

As part of the hiking trail fee, you will receive  1,5 litres of water for the duration of your hiking trail.  Hiking the Richtersveld is a  great way to start or end your day. There is no better way than to discover the Richtersveld on foot. Our dedicated Australian cattle dogs will join you and guide most of the way. They are enthusiastic hikers and know these mountains just as well as our guides.

You can book your guided hiking trail at camp. Our afternoon sunset hikes are really popular and allow for spectacular views of the Orange River and the Richtersveld.

Richtersveld Hiking Trail

  • 1-6 hours
  • rock formations
  • unspoilt mountain views.
  • excellent way to start or end the day.

Take the road less travelled and come and visit The Growcery Camp in the Richtersveld. You can indulge in all our adventures. Book your river rafting trail and combine this with a Richtersveld hiking trail. We are the only camp along the Vioolsdrift area that offers guided hiking trails. Book your stay and enjoy a sunset or sunrise Richtersveld hiking trail.

A perfect start or the perfect finish to a day in the Richtersveld. We take our sweet time and no race is our motto. These hiking trails are about discovering the Richtersveld. Understanding the desert and appreciating the old volcanic mountains. The Richtersveld has incredible rock formations and unusual succulent plants. It is something spectacular to experience!


  • Guided walk, conservation fees
  • 1,5 L of Mineral water


  • Extra water and snacks


DURATION:1-3 Hours; 4-6 Hours
DEPART FROM:The Growcery Camp

Hiking fees are payable at reception and you can book this daily.


1-3 Hour Hike 2019
AdultsR 250
Child 12-17 yrsR 170
Child 6-11 yrsR 140
4-6 Hour Hike2019
AdultsR 450
Child 12-17 yrsR 350
Child 6-11 yrsR 260