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Orange River Rafting
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Orange River
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Boat Rentals

Boat rentals are most welcome from the Growcery Camp. Those travellers that seek to explore and venture into the immediate surroundings are welcome to explore our Boat Rentals. We offer inflatable rafts and sit op top kayaks. The boat rentals are a daily activity fee. Our Boats are perfect for a maximum of two people at a time.

The boat rentals are valid for a full day, from sunrise to sunset. All boats need to be returned to the reception after the day’s boat rental have expired.

Boat Rentals

  • Sit on top Two man Kayaks
  • Two Man Inflatable Rafts. 

Our sit on top kayaks are fluid brand and suitable for all paddlers with no experience. The kayaks are durable and steady and made of durable plastic. These kayaks are easy to control and offer a safe paddle on suitable rivers. The kayaks have containers for personals. However, they are not waterproof. We do recommend that you make use of dry bags for individuals.

Our Two man inflatable rafts are ARK – African River Krafts and are the best SABS quality rafting equipment on offer in South Africa. We include a hand pump and life jackets with the boat rentals.

The immediate surroundings from The Growcery camp allow for novices and fishing enthusiasts to explore on their own time.
We do recommend that you book your boat rentals upon arrival at the Camp. Few things in life feel better than being on a kayak or inflatable raft. Take your time in the morning and paddle a stretch of the Orange River. The area in front of The Growcery Camp is perfect for paddling without any experience. You have about a 5 km stretch where you can free paddle and seize the day!

Visit The Growcery Camp this season and explore the wild side of the Richtersveld with a boat rental from Camp.


  • Flotation Devices
  • Paddles


  • Own dry bags
  • Own drinks


DEPART FROM: The Growcery Camp

Boat Rentals will include Paddles & Flotation devices and a Dry bag.


Daily Rate   2017 
Two Man sit on top Kayak  R 250
Two Man Inflatable Raft  R 250