The Growcery Team Members


Hennie Prinsloo

Owner, Marketing Manager, Safari Guide, River Guide & Photographer

Hennie Prinsloo, rather known as HP, the owner of The Growcery Camp has had over 20 years of guiding experience. He has travelled all over Africa and strives to live a life full of adventure and adrenaline. Actively working as a river and safari guide, always on the move, trust him to give you one incredible and unique experience. HP has a great understanding  of how things in nature work especially birds and he has been documenting them for years.  He specializes in off the beaten track trails and will take you to places where no one has ever been before. He has a very special connection with the Kalahari and its people. Hennie is a true bushman and if you’re lucky enough to meet him during your stay at The Growcery Camp, make sure to have a drink with him and listen to some of his humbling stories.

Gavin Petzer

Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, River Guide & Safari Guide

Gavin specialises in the logistics and planning of all our adventure trails. With his keen interest in all nature related things, it makes him the perfect Operations Manager for The Growcery Camp.  His organisational, quick thinking and people skills allow for operations to always run smoothly. Gavin also has a great interest in travelling and is always keen on an adventure. He has a great general knowledge and you can often find him reading, constantly learning and sharing his knowledge with others. In addition to all of this, he is also actively guiding, whether it is on a river trip, safari or a hike. Gavin has had many years of experience at The Growcery Camp,  so feel free to have a drink with him at the bar, I guarantee that you’ll walk away feeling enlightened.

Demi Szucs

River Guide, Booking Agent, In-house Designer & Photographer

Demi graduated with a degree in Visual Communication but with her love for nature, she decided this was not enough. Currently doing her nature-guiding courses, she also works as a nature guide, designer, photographer and booking agent for The Growcery Camp.  Her love for plants and an organic lifestyle has made The Growcery Camp an ideal home. Her eye for detail and appreciation for the smaller things in life allows for a whole different guiding experience!

Jaym Hepple

River Guide & Garden Development Crew

Barefooted Jaym is always smiling and sharing his positive energy. He was practically raised in the bush by two incredible nature guides he is lucky to call his parents and who also share the same love for nature as he does. He has over 5 years of guiding experience and strives in living an adventure driven lifestyle. Currently working as a nature guide, he is passionate about birdlife and learning about the environment around him. He is also our resident garden caretaker, putting much of his time, love and energy into growing fresh produce for our camp. Make sure to ask him about our fresh produce available!

Sas Fick

River Guide, Safari guide & Camp Manager

Sas is a very unique human being. He has the ability to emit positive energy wherever he travels. Sas has many years of guiding experience in both safaris and on African rivers. He was part of the original crew that built The Growcery Camp from the ground up and is currently a freelance guide for The Growcery Camp. Sas has a talent in fixing almost anything that needs fixing and also in entertaining our fellow travelers. He is a professional Fire Poy dancer and well a jack of all trades really! If you have the privilege of meeting Sas, let his positive energy and energetic personality surround you and I guarantee you an unforgettable experience!

Wentzel Mall

River Guide & Safari guide

Jan Hendrik Korsten

River Guide & Garden Development Crew

Jan Hendrik has many years of guiding experience in The Richtersveld.  He has also paddled many African rivers including The Vaal and The Orange River. He is always keen on an adventure, pushing his limits and taking on a challenge. Nothing ever seems to be too difficult for this young man. He has a great love for nature, photography and paddling. He is also quite a talented bread maker! He is always on an exciting mission, constantly learning and moving forward so make sure to ask him about his next adventure as I am sure it will be an interesting conversation!

Henning Burden

River Guide & Garden Development Crew

Henning has had many years of experience in the service and guiding industry. He has a great passion for hiking and has lead many hiking trails in the Fish River Canyon, the Whale Trail and Hoerikwaggo Trail. His love and enthusiasm for people and his knowledge about food makes him an excellent addition to our team. Not only is Henning a nature guide, but he also ensures that The Growcery’s gardens keep growing and developing. Make sure to ask Henning about our fresh produce available in the garden and some recipes to try out!

Ruan de Klerk

River Guide & Front of House Manager

Ruan has had many years of experience in the tourism and service industry all over Africa which makes him the ideal Front of House Manager for The Growcery Camp. Ruan works behind the scenes everyday to ensure that everything is perfect for our fellow travelers at The Growcery Camp. He is also the person responsible for all the delicious meals and home made goods that are created in the kitchen. His creative and imaginative personality along with his passion for food and people clearly shines through his work. Make sure to order a meal from Ruan, for he can turn a few ingredients into a incredible meal. Join him for a drink at the bar and listen to some of the amazing stories he has to tell!


Garden Development Crew & Groundsman


Garden Development Crew & Groundsman


Garden Development Crew & Groundsman