We Grow Our Own Fresh Produce

We Grow Our Own Fresh Produce

The Growcery team believes very much in an organic and healthy lifestyle, Fresh Produce. We work hard to keep our gardens growing and sustainable throughout the year. We encourage you to take off your shoes, take your time and enjoy a relaxing walk in our gardens with your friends and family. Make sure to bring a basket as you may find some tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, a variety of lettuce and rocket leaves as well as pomegranates along your way. These are the perfect ingredients for a hearty salad! You are also more than welcome to order a fresh garden salad from us, which we will have prepared, and ready for you for lunch or as an addition to a lekker braai.

We also have plenty of basil, fennel, rosemary, thyme, coriander and chilli plants ready for picking which you can add to your meals. For the more daring cook, help yourself to some Spekboom leaves, which you can add to your salads, they are high in vitamin C, an excellent antioxidant and are used to treat heartburn, dehydration and exhaustion!

After a nice walk, help yourself to some lemons and mint leaves, which make a lovely combination when added to water, lemonade or tea, which can all be purchased from the bar. There are also seasonal mango trees, granadillas and prickly pears in our gardens.

We have recently planted some beetroot, chic peas, lentils and wild garlic, which should be ready in the next few months! And in the future months to come, you will also find some figs trees, olive trees, papaya trees, pecan nut trees, macadamia trees, banana trees and avocado trees ready for picking.

Our gardens are continually growing and developing; therefore it would be preferable to give us a call before you arrive to hear what we have available and ready for picking. We take pride in our gardens and would like to share the experience with you so feel free to ask our team to show you around!

Support our eco-friendly and sustainable gardens by purchasing our organic and homemade basil pesto, rosemary meat rub, olives, chilli pastes and already packaged herbs and spices. We also make delicious ice teas, infused olive oils and salad dressings. Our team is passionate about creating fresh, hearty meals and products that are both beneficial to your health and taste amazing.

Feel free to ask what the meal of the day is! A lot of love and effort goes into every meal. Therefore, we request that you arrange your meals before hand. Also ask our staff about Mary, our resident Baobab tree. Unless claimed otherwise, she must be Africa’s Western Baobab tree in South Africa and is quite a sight to see!