River Rafting

River Rafting through the Richtersveld Desert. The Growcery Camp offers a variety of river rafting adventures along the orange river. Our camp is the perfect base camp to launch your rafting trip. It is an ideal meeting place from where we make our preparations for our river rafting trails.

We make use of two man inflatable rafts. On our high water runs we will make use of 6 and 8 man rafts. River rafting is one of the purest and more natural modes of transport and travelling. When you join a 5 day rafting adventure we will be travelling between and 100 and 110 km on our journey. A great way to minimize yourself and discover what nature has to offer. The Orange River rafting adventures takes you deep in the rugged mountains of the Richtersveld.

The growcery camp offers from a 3 hour rafting adventure through to a 5 day transfrontier rafting adventure. Go ahead and choose the rafting adventure that suits you and your family and friends. Feel the flow of the orange river.

Our guides are all A.P.A. registered and qualified. (African paddling Association). Our Rafting trails comes standard with rafting equipment, dry bags, paddles and guides. Every two man inflatable raft will be equipped with a cooler box to keep your drinks cold. The dry bags are perfect for keeping valuable safe and protect from the H2O.

Our rafting equipment is the best available equipment within South Africa. On our longer transfrontier rafting trails we will have a satellite communication system as back up for emergencies. Adventure is something that we all strive to experience. There are always elements and risks involved with any adventure. Our team is well trained and experienced in leading adventure trails. Our considerations are calculated and experienced decisions at all times.

Grab your friends and your Go Pro and join our Growcery team on a desert rafting trail this coming season.
For more rafting trips other than what our team offers you are welcome to contact our affiliated company Umkulu Adventures or browse their rafting website. www.orangeriverrafting.com