Orange River Richtersveld

3 Day Orange River and Richtersveld

Wet & wild safari – ” Paddle and 4 x 4 safari”

Orange river Richtersveld

This is a perfect combination to escape into the wild.  We have combined rafting on the Orange River with a 4×4 trail in the Nababeeb Conservency.  The Richtersveld provides us with some, if not the best celestial skies, beautiful mountains, and starkly beautiful scenery.  The remote area allows you to have a real into the wild experience.  Get connected with the land, mountains and nature around you and discover why this remains such a special place.

Arrive at base camp 17 h 00 – The Growcery / Chic Shacks & Dinner

Orange river richtersveld route plan

Trail starts at 9:00am after briefing and breakfast the following morning
Day 1: Base Camp (D) Chic shacks
Day 2:  4-6 hours Orange River Rafting (B.L.D) Chic shacks
Day 3: 7 hours Nababeep Conservancy 4 X 4 trail (B.L.D) Chic shacks
B-Breakfast, L-Lunch, D-Dinner

Rates: Adults: R3 650.00 ; Children: U/12 R2 850

Min 2 people secures a departure
No Passports needed for our Wet & Wild Trails!

What to expect from orange river richtersveld: You can expect introductory rapids, fast flowing channels and weirs along your way. The rafting trail is surrounded by working farms, granite rocks, lava deposits and reed beds on the banks of the river.  Extraordinary Birdlife can be expected along this trip.  Most common sightings will be Goliath Heron, Fish eagles, Jackal Buzzards, Gymnogene, Cormorants, Egyptian geese, African black duck, weavers and some migrating birds.

This is a relaxing morning with some options of rock jumping. The orange river richtersveld adventure includes bird watching and swimming. We will have a picnic style lunch on the banks of the Orange River.  On arrival back at the Growcery you will have the afternoon to relax, while a delicious dinner is prepared.  A day of adventure and camp fires stories will come to an end. The following morning our 4 x 4 safari in the richtersveld will start after breakfast. We take the rocky two spoor trail into the mountains and see the stark beauty of the Richtersveld.. Rugged mountains, intricate rock formations and quartz belts will surround us. The endemic succulants, lizards, snakes and scorpions are often seen along the way travesring this this ancient landscape

Orange River & Richtersveld – 3 Day Wet & Wild

Rates: Adults: R3 650.00 ; Children: U/12 R2 850