Orange River

Orange River

Orange river is officially the longest river in South Africa. The river covers a great deal of South Africa and provides a source of life in the more arid regions of the country. Originating in the Lesotho highlands the orange river meanders through south africa towards the atlantic ocean. Our Base camp The Growcery camp is on the edge of the Richtersveld.

Orange River recieved its name from the Dutch Prince. Prince william of Orange. Some afternoons you do get a orange glow in the water during the sunsets. The Richtersveld is the final leg of mountains that the river cuts through before meeting with the atlantic ocean. Orange river rafting has become one of the most popular outdoor adventures for the whole family. It is a great way to escape the city and explore the wild banks of the orange river.

The rugged Richtersveld mountain limits the access to the Orange River. One of the best ways to discover the richtersveld is on an orange river rafting adventure. Nothing beats paddling down the river and feel the flow of the channels and rapids. You can quietly float past the silent giants of the Richtersveld. The Orange river is vegetated along the banks and make for excellent wild camping. These river rafting trips are the perfect outdoor adventure for the whole family.

Prepare yourself for your desert adventure and join us on an unforgettable adventure in the Richtersveld. The growcery camp offers river rafting adventures for the whole family.

Orange River Rafting adventures at The Growcery camp. 

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3 Day Wet & Wild 
5 Day Richtersveld Transfrontier Rafting
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Book your stay at the Growcery Camp and enjoy our activities along the Orange River. This is the perfect adventure for the whole family and no previous expreience is needed to join our world of Adventure.