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Orange River Accommodation near Vioolsdrift and the Richtersveld.

The Growcery camp offers orange river accommodation and camping. The Orange river is the longest river in South Africa. It starts in the Lesotho highlands and winds through the country before heading to the Atlantic ocean. The Growcery camp is on the stretch where the orange river meets the Richtersveld desert. Our orange river accommodation or camp is 3 km from the Richtersveld community reserve.

The orange river provides a large part of South Africa with water. Namaqualand, Kalahari, Richtersveld and Bushman land are all depending on the the Orange river as their main water supply. The arid regions are both desert and semi desert. When travelling along these parts the towns are far apart and the temperatures can be soaring in the summer.

Carefully plan your route towards the Growcery camp. Our team at the growcery can assist you in recommending some of the best orange river accommodation properties on route.

The Growcery Camp – Orange River Accommodation

We offer fully serviced grass camp sites with spectacular river and mountain views. All camp sites have a washing basin, a shaded counter, dustbin, BBQ area and a power supply. You can book a private or public camp site. Private camps are for your use only and public camp sites are shared. The camp sites have shared ablutions and we rate ourselves in offering the best shower along the orange river.

Our accommodation is called “Chic Shacks”. These are two bedded shacks with shared ablutions. You have a communal kitchen and washing area and safe parking at all the units. These have shared ablutions and great showers. The growcery recycles and re – use materials for building. We try our best to offer a sustainable approach to development. We have planted over 500 trees on site and have a nursery for cultivating indigenous trees to establish at camp.

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