There is few things more rewarding than loading your kayak with your gear and preparing for a 215 km paddle. Not just an ordinary paddle. Paddling an ancient river through some of the most amazing geological formations in Africa. Kayaking on a journey of discovering the only desert in South Africa. What makes the Richtersveld unique is the desolation and difficult in accessing this region. The Orange River flows through valleys and mountain ranges. The final leg of the Orange River is taking you to the Atlantic Ocean.

Kayaking from the Growcery camp towards Sendelingsdrift is a journey of discovery and exploration. Not only will we start at dawn, but we have time to hike and explore this arid jewel of Africa. The challenge is not just a physical one , but rather a mental one. The feeling of nothingness within the large and rugged Richtersveld Mountains. The sense of wild wilderness and pristine river views. kayaking down the orange river is a rewarding adventure.

This 6 day kayaking adventure trail will educate you on wild bush camping, paddling through rapids, navigating and saving your energy when needed. Well balanced meals and energy foods. Celestial night skies and nature at its best.

Our camps along our journey will be on the banks of the river. No designated sites, but rather camp as we get on our way. Meals and equipment is shared amongst all our paddlers. Simple healthy and energy food will be our diet for the next few days. Our trips are to explore and not to race. Kayaking is one of the best ways to travel and explore a natural environment. Combine your strengths with the energy of the water and you have an adventure in the making. Challenge the rapids and waterways in a desert. Do this in a national park and cover a distance of 215km you have a “Kayaking expedition Adventure”.